Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mets Win Again and nicknames for Wright and Reyes

The Mets racked up another win tonight 5-2 over the Nats. Maine picked up his first win. Also nice to see Jose starting to heat things up. I do not know if it was the time off to rest his hamstring or the switch to Church hitting behind him but he has been tearing the cover off the ball the last two games. Another strong game by the pen as well. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come as they are starting to play crisper baseball and getting on a roll albeit it is against the Nats.

There was some discussion over on Matt Cerrone's as to whether David Wright's nickname should be DWright or something else. I personally like the Beast but what do you guys think? s DWright good enough or should it be something else? I would like to take a few days and see what you guys think. Feel free to suggest other ones in the comments. My thought is that once we have a good list that we would put it to a vote. I also think Jose Reyes could use one while we are at it. He does have the Jose chant but doesn't really have a nickname. So lets get to it. If you do not want to post it in the comments feel free to message it to me here on the site.

Additional Notes

The Mets revealed what the Jackie Robinson Rotunda will be like today, which is fitting with it being Jackie Robinson Day around the MLB. You can view the CGI tour by going to this article and than clicking on the link to video that appears right before the write up.

We also a change in the batting order tonight as Willie moved the struggling Luis Castillo to the 8th hole. I liked the move as it got Church who is hitting better right now at the top of the order behind Reyes. I also like it because Castillo is very good at taking pitches, being patient and working a count which can be valuable in the 8th spot as with the pitcher behind you chances of getting a lot of great pitches to hit are slim. Being patient can be an asset. Reyes finally got going as well which is a plus for this team. Hopefully that continues as does the new lineup as it produced tonight.

As stated earlier Dirty Sanchez was activated from the DL today. To make room for him the Mets sent Carlos Muniz who was impressive in the chances he got back to AAA New Orleans.

Now That Is More Like It

Big win tonight as the Mets played well all around. Big Pelf again pitched a beauty lowering his ERA to 1.50 by throwing 7 scoreless innings. He also picked up his 2nd win. Just like in his first start Pelf just abused the lower portion of the strikezone with his sinking fastball. He also showed less nerves tonight and more confidence than in past starts. He is a much different pitcher now than this time last year when he was struggling as the 5th starter. The kid has nasty stuff he just needs to put it together which so far this year he has been doing.

David Wright was basically David Wright hitting a homerun and driving in 5. In my opinion he should have been MVP last year and if not for the Mets collapse he probably wins it. He plays the game right and has fun doing it.

Also want to say a big welcome back to Dirty. It is good to have you back man. Just stay out of the cabs. He makes the bullpen so much better. The only good thing to come from his injury in 2006 is Omar was able to somehow steal Ollie away from the Pirates as part of the Roberto Hernandez for Nady trade.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I guess the only way to explain this past weekend is frustration. Johan will have tough games so Saturday will happen sometimes. The guy is the best lefty in the game but everyone struggles sometimes. He just didn't look comfortable and seemed to struggle all day. I do not know if it was the extra adrenaline from it being his first start at Shea or what. I do not worry about him through as I know he will get it going. Plus he has pitched his best in the 2nd half during most of his career.

Sunday was the tough one. The Mets finally were able to beat up on Suppan. Too bad it was 2 years too late. More of what happened Sunday in 2006 and the Mets would have gotten to the World Series and possibly win it. Unfortunately Ollie struggles and the Mets cannot take advantage of opportunities. I mean how can you not score on Mota after you have 1st and 3rd with no out? The team just seems to be struggling right now. The only game I would say was perfect was the 13-0 win over the Marlins in game 3. Other than that it is either pitch well but not hit or hit but cannot get the pitching. I have a feeling they will get together soon. There is too much talent no to get a win streak. I just wish it would happen soon since the rest of the division is muddling along as well and this is a chance for the Mets to grab the thing by the next early.

The Nats are up next for a 3 game series so this is a great chance to get on a roll. Big Pelf looks to follow up his 1st start with another solid one.

On the plus side, Duanar "Dirty" Sanchez was able to pitch Friday and Saturday throwing 2 scoreless innings at AAA New Orleans. His arrival back in NY will make the bullpen mch stronger as he sets in as Wags 8th inning set up man. This than allows everyone to drop down a level where they are more suited. So far I have not seen anything about him no being healthy afterwards so it looks like he has passed the last hurdle of pitching back to back games without ill effects. Therefore, hopefully he will back with the Mets soon.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Mets are back to .500 after an extra inning win tonight against the Phillies. Heilman continues to struggle which makes Dirty Sanchez's weekend work with New Orleans even bigger. He is scheduled to pitch Friday and Saturday. This will be his first time pitching back to back which is the last hurdle to him retaking his spot as Wags setup man.

It was nice to see Reyes have a good game. If he gets going the Mets offense will improve ten fold. I especially liked the excitement he showed at the end. I know he wants to tone it down as some opposing teams have expressed their dislike for the post homerun dancing, etc that Reyes is known for. However, my thoughts are if you do not like it than stop him otherwise keep it to yourself. Reyes has a youthful excitement for the game and I'm all for it. It is too bad more guys aren't like Jose.

I'm currently watching Baseball Tonight and they showed Hideo Nomo pitching for the Royals. I didn't even know he was still playing. Man he has been awhile especially for a guy who after the first couple years has been pretty bad.

Sorry for the quick diversion there but I was shocked. I have added a few things to the site. On the left you will see a link to the WFAN Live Radio feed. As any self-respecting Mets fan knows WFAN is their flagship station and does the radio broadcast for every game. I got this from where it was posted by a developer with the username of thisboy9. I added a standings widget as well which was made by the same developer. I also added a widget created by the guys over at that shows the scores for every game within the Mets organization. By the way if you have not visited you should. It is a New York Mets community with forums, write ups on every guy who has played for the organization.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Big Win Tonight

It felt good to see the Mets win tonight especially on a night when most of us fans were probably sure what we might get from Big Pelf. He did a great job stepping p and being the stopper of the Mets mini 3 game streak of losses. He only pitched 5 innings but he was hitting his spots away with the slider and pounding the lower portion of the strike zone with his hard sinking fastball. Much more like the Big Pelf we saw last year in spring training. When he is keeping the ball down the other teams just seems to pound it into the ground.

The Mets only got 5 hits but it was nice to see them take advantage of 3 miscues by the other team and a ton of walks. When the other team gives you extra outs and walks a ton of guys you have to make them pay. Unfortunately we do not see it as often as we would like. A win tomorrow and back to .500.

Also nice to Delgado hitting well early on. He can be a big key for this team protecting Beltran but also just plain mashing.

You may have noticed all the posts are from the same day. I switched over to this site today and moved all of my previous posts with me which is why everything was posted on one day.

Johan Santana Desktop Wallpaper

I have been playing around with the Microsoft Expression Design program and Gimp. Both of which are very nice programs. While playing around with them I decided to try putting together a wallpaper for my laptop. I have my screen resolution at 1280 x 800 and let me say it is not easy to find pictures online to fit that resolution. As a Mets fan I decided to pt together a Johan Santana wallpaper since I have not seen many out there yet. It turned out pretty good for my first time. I have posted it on Desktop Nexus which is a new site where users can upload desktop wallpapers. The site is meant to be a one stop resource for backgrounds so that us users no longer have to go hunting through Google and Yahoo pictures for a new back drop for our monitor screens. A thumbnail of it appears above.